Revolutionizing cardiovascular analysis

With a cost-effective, precise and accessible technology

Each year 18 million people die from CVD globally

And over 500 million people world-wide are living with cardiovascular disease (CVD) on a daily basis.

80% of cases could be prevented

The fact is that it doesn’t have to be this way – 80% of CVDs are preventable with early detection and intervention.

Problem is – there are no readily available methods for early and precise detection of CVD signs.

BEATLAB enables early detection of CVD signs

Combining standard sensors with AI and digital twin-modelling, BEATLAB is:



Readily available

High precision

About us

Daniel Adin, COO & Co-founder

Daniel is our data scientist and is responsible for developing our AI models. Daniel also has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and a MSc in Mechanical engineering from Chalmers University.

Mikael Karlsson, CTO & Co-founder

Mikael is the inventor of BEATLAB and is responsible for the development of the BEATLAB technology. Mikael has a long background in acoustic engineering and is a PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Pontus Axblom, CEO & Co-founder

Pontus has 20 years of C-level experience from the medical device industry, with knowledge ranging from product development to market access. He has a MSc in Financial Economics from HHGU.