• Reducing overadmission of chest pain patients

Overadmission of suspected ACS patients leads to increased healthcare expenditures and workload

In Sweden, 200,000 individuals per year, having chest pain, seek emergency care. Of these, 30,000 patients are assessed as being at intermediate risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS).

Leading to the patient having go through several diagnostic tests during an extended time period. Resulting in physical and emotional stress, as well as increased healthcare expenditures and workload.

In fact, the majority of the patients with suspected ACS are overadmitted

20% have ACS


80% does not have ACS


Cost of overadmission = 360 MSEK/year

The main reason is that the currently available diagnostic tools are not precise or accessible enough to support a more exact risk stratification.

Overadmission of ACS patients occur in most developed countries to the same degree.

Our goal is to mitigate overadmission earlier in the process

With a more easily accessible, precise and holistic assessment of anomalies in the cardiovascular system, reducing the number of patients with suspected ACS.

Our system will be easy to use, accessible and give a more exact location and information about the anomalies in the cardiovascular system

Multi-sensor input data

Arterial tree modelling

Anomaly detection with AI-support

Holistic view of the cardiovascular status

Decision support

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